Color  Confidence Connection

An Online Monthly Membership that helps you add COLOR, CONFIDENCE, and CONNECTION through painting with watercolor!  
Improve your painting skills and have a hobby that LIGHTS you UP and make art that YOU LOVE!

Is Watercolor Co. right for you?


Painting with Watercolor adds COLOR and JOY to your everyday.
Making art  reduces stress and anxiety!



As I  walk you through projects in bite-size steps you will see your skill begin to grow.
Before long you will be sharing your creations with friends and family!



Connect with an online Community of Like minded ladies who love to build each other up!


Which of these sound like you?

🟣 You've always wanted to try watercolor, but have NO IDEA where to start!

🟣You want someone to walk you through watercolor projects in bite-size steps so you won't be overwhelmed!

🟣 You've dabbled with watercolor, but when it comes time to sit down to do it you just DON'T KNOW WHAT to paint! You need some inspiration.

🟣You need some inspiration and guidance to help build skills and create a hobby that lights you up!

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You'll get all of these these PLUS so much more every month!

What if...?

What if you had a place to learn watercolor skills in bite-size steps?

What if you had a hobby that lights you up?

What if ​ you were part of something that added color, confidence, and connection to your life?

What if you made art that you LOVE?

You can have all of those things when you join Watercolor Co.!

You'll be able to sign up for only $27 monthly or get 2 months free when you sign up annually for $270!

Meet Amanda

Hey there! I'm your instructor and cheerleader, Amanda!

When I started painting with watercolor a few years ago, life had me burned out, stressed out,

and craving something colorful, fulfilling, and just for me.

Watercolor was it!

I finally found a hobby that lit me up!

I didn't even know what I was missing!

Now I make art that I love

and I love show others how to add color and joy to their lives with watercolor by

teaching in bite-size steps so you can have a hobby that lights you up and make art that you love!

Let me show you what watercolor can do for you!

Join me in Watercolor Co.

A little more about me....

You can usually find me painting or creating something on my nights, weekends, and early mornings.

I love serving the world by helping people create their own art. Whether your 5 or 95, I want you to tap into your creative self!

I teach people who are looking to flex their creative muscle! I am lucky enough to teach them how to take a blank piece of paper, a little bit of watercolor, and end up with a unique piece of art that THEY created!

When I’m not teaching watercolor or making art of my own you can catch me:
• relaxing on my front porch with my dog, Pepper
• going on road trips with my husband
• having fun with my niece (We’re usually making something!)

I'm Ready to Join Watercolor Co.! Wait List!

You can have a hobby that
lights you up!

But what is Watercolor Co?

Watercolor Co.  is my exclusive online watercolor community!

I help women new to watercolor stop feeling overwhelmed by teaching projects each month in bite-size steps so you end up with a hobby that LIGHTS YOU UP and MAKE ART YOU LOVE!

I bring women joy and encouragement through watercolor  painting online in my private community no matter what artistic level you are!

Our community is full of like-minded friends, learning and growing together! With my simple step-by-step instructions in my video tutorials you will leave all those old frustrations behind!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I sign up and realize it's not for me?

You can cancel anytime!

Is there a trial period?

Not exactly, however, remember you can cancel at anytime. Also check me out on Facebook at @snappynewdaywatercolor. This will give you a feel for who I am  and how I teach!

How long does this last?

This is an ongoing monthly membership. Subscriptions consist of 1 monthly payment billed every 30 days based on when you sign up. Annual memberships will renew 1 year from when you sign up. 

Now is not a perfect time, will I be able to join later?

We only open the community about 2-3 times a year. If you can't join now you can catch us on the next opening.. but then you will have missed out on months of painting. So we say join now and if it's not a good fit you can cancel anytime.